Diabetic Footwear

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Diabetic shoes, sometimes referred to as extra depth or therapeutic shoes, are specially designed shoes, or shoe inserts, intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with co-existing vascular/circulatory disease.

The primary goal of diabetic footwear is to prevent complications, which can include calluses, ulcers, or amputations for patients with diabetes and poor circulation. Diabetic shoes must also be equipped with a removable orthotic (custom insole). Foot orthotics are devices such as arch supports. The diabetic shoes and custom-molded insoles work together as a preventative system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility.

Arise Prosthetics offers our customers high quality, genuine leather diabetic footwear, with custom insoles that will accommodate different foot deformities as well as offer various depths and widths. Our shoes are ideal for athletics walking or simply adhering to your general comfort needs. Our shoes come in many different styles to accommodate your fashion preferences.

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