At Arise Prosthetics, we will help you get your life back to normal in the fastest, easiest way possible.

At Arise Prosthetics, we design and fit a customized brace/orthosis to help you with your specific needs. Our orthotic team works with you to create an orthosis that will enhance your functional abilities, while maintaining comfort and ease of use.

Orthotic Services

Lower Extremity Orthoses

Foot Orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Knee Orthosis

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Hip Orthosis

Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Upper Extremity Orthoses

Finger Orthosis

Hand Orthosis

Wrist Orthosis

Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis

Shoulder Orthosis

Spinal Orthoses

Sacral Support

Lumbo Sacral Orthosis

Thoraco Lumbo Sacral Orthosis

Cervical Orthosis

Laminated Orthoses

Gait Analysis

Fracture Bracing Upper/Lower Extremity

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Our friendly staff can assist you in scheduling an appointment for an evaluation. One of our Certified Prosthetists or Certified Orthotists will meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns. To help ensure each patient's success, we welcome the opportunity to see patient's during their therapy appointments.